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The Fastest Web Host for JavaScript Apps

Deploy your JavaScript app on our server side rendered global CDN so your "time to first" byte, paint and interactions are as fast as possible. Read how it works

npm install -g roast
roast deploy

npm install -g roast
roast deploy

Server Side Rendering
server side rendering means better SEO
Better SEOSearch engines do not consistently crawl JavaScript and they rarely wait for AJAX
server side rendering means your links will actually show previewsLink previewsTwitter, Facebook, Slack and others can't parse meta tags produced with JavaScript
server side rendering means renders happen 2.5x faster2.5x faster rendersWithout server side rendering, JavaScript apps can take 3 seconds or more to render (after downloading)

Supported JavaScript Frameworks
we support React.jsReact
we support Preact.jsPreact
we support Angular.jsAngular
we support Vue.jsVue
we support Ember.jsEmber
global networkGlobal Network
https by defaultHTTPS By Default
automatic security headersAutomatic Security Headers (coming soon)
Atomic DeploysYour website won't changeover until the deploy and SSR is 100% complete
Instant Rollbacks (coming soon)Every deploy is a version, rollback at will
Instant Cache InvalidationStop waiting for cache invalidation

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