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Deploy Angular, React, Gatsby, Jekyll, plain old HTML, single page apps, and more on our fast, AWS powered global CDN
We auto-generate open graph link previews, auto-provision and renew HTTPs certs, and can even server-side render your single-page app.

npm install -g roast
roast deploy

npm install -g roast
roast deploy

Command line interface for atomic deploys
roast CLI deploy

Automatic Link Previews (Open Graph)If your page doesn't already have an og:image, we'll take a screenshot of that page and inject it automatically.
automatic link preview

Server-Side RenderingAngular, React (single page apps) can opt-in to full, automatic, server-side rendering. Powered by
server-side rendering means better SEO
Better SEOSearch engines do not consistently crawl JavaScript and they rarely wait for AJAX
server-side rendering means your links will actually show previewsLink previewsTwitter, Facebook, Slack and others can't parse meta tags produced with JavaScript
server-side rendering means renders happen 2.5x faster2.5x faster rendersWithout server-side rendering, JavaScript apps can take 3 seconds or more to render (after downloading)
global networkGlobal CDN on AWS
https by defaultHTTPS certificates auto-managed
automatic security headersAutomatic Security Headers (coming soon)
Atomic DeploysYour website won't changeover until the deploy and SSR is 100% complete
Instant Rollbacks (coming soon)Every deploy is a version, rollback at will
Instant Cache InvalidationStop waiting for cache invalidation

Everything you need for hosting a secure and performant static HTML or JavaScript Single-Page Application.Start Roasting Today

we support Angular.jsAngular
we support Vue.jsVue
we support React.jsReact
we support Preact.jsPreact
we support Ember.jsEmber