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API Endpoint


All authentication is done with bearer auth.

Get an API token from the dashboard after logging in, and include it as an HTTP header with all of your requests.

curl: -H "Authorization: Bearer {YOUR_API_TOKEN}

PUT /api/v1/sites/{SITE_ID}/ssr

{ "paths": [] } // server side render all pages

{ "paths": ["/", "/docs", "/pricing"] } // server siderender ONLY these 3 paths

Commence a crawl of your site to update server-side rendered content discovers pages by crawling and parsing sitemaps. It server side renders them on deploys and when a PUT request is sent to this API endpoint. Get the {SITE_ID} from the dashboard after logging in.

If you have dynamic content, (AJAX/XHR/Websockets, Firebase users), then you'll want to recrawl whenever your content changes.

If you have a static site that only changes on deploy, you don't need to use this endpoint.