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How does work?

What is

It's a CDN

with jobs running in the background to keep your app freshly isomorphically rendered.

and a deployment pipeline

roast deploy to push your assets as an atomic bundle to our CDN. Every deploy is a new version, rollback or switch anytime.

built to minimize the time your app shows on a user's screen

HTTP cache that just works (instant invalidation), gzip encoding, PoPs on Amazon's global network, files streamed from memory.

How does it work?

TL;DR: static web host + background process converting pages to HTML+JS

a headless Chromium background process will, on deploys, and after a deploy via API calls, server-side render all JavaScript pages to HTML + JavaScript. (your app will be isomorphic/universal)

  1. run roast deploy from the command line
  2. the files are pushed and are stored independently as a deploy.
  3. a deploy specific URL is created:
  4. a server side rendering crawler/spider crawls that deploy specific URL (discovering pages via links and sitemaps)
  5. when the server side rendering is complete, your normal/official domain name atomically switches over to the new files

You can trigger a full server side render of your site or only specific paths, via the API