How does work?

What is

It's a conventional CDN

on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) network, with configurable headers and redirects

with background workers

for opt-in server-side rendering, pre-rendering, and open-graph screenshot injection that you can optionally configure with _ssr.json to run at deploy time or first page load, or via API request

and a deployment pipeline

roast deploy to push your assets as an atomic bundle to our CDN. Every deploy is a new version, rollback or switch anytime

built to minimize the time your app shows on a user's screen

HTTP cache that just works (instant invalidation), gzip compression, PoPs on Amazon's global network, files streamed from memory.

How does it work?

It works like any other CDN, but with background workers powered by We call this integration SSR (server-side render). Although is deeply integrated with, it is opt-in. When not using the _ssr.json file, is just a standard CDN (static web host) with configurable headers and redirects/rewrites

The background workers can be configured to run at first load (lazy load), on deploy (crawling), or on-demand via the via the API